Welcome to the The Fifth Fleet

On the border between the Klingon and Romulan empires, The 5th Fleet (based out of Starbase 99 – Versailles) stands ready to keep the peace and defend the Federation.

Versailles is a great bastion of peace and unity in a region that lacks for both. Whether it's enjoying a grog at the Toothless Targ, discovering the cure to the common cold, or deploying diplomats/marines/warheads to stabilise a situation, everyone finds a way to spread the love.

Well, everyone except the guys looking to burn and pillage. There's always one. Or two. Thirty. Ok, a hundred, tops. Two. It's a big station, OK?

For those who prefer a ship, roaming the stars in search of adventure, we have several to choose from. Like the USS Timmis; a combat ship with the brains of a science vessel. Or the USS Lexington; an Ascension class carrier ship that brings the thunder. Or the freshly-minted USS Bismarck; exploring the darkest depths of unknown space. Whatever your preference, we've got you covered.

Join us today, and boldly go where noone has gone before! *

* Except for Versailles, which goes nowhere very fast because it's a space station.