Let me be the first to welcome you the Fifth Fleet.  We offer a wide variety of sims using a variety of formats including Email, Nova and Live Sim via Discord.

Set in the post-TNG (The Next Generation) era, The Fifth Fleet is headquartered in the YaDalla Sector, where the territories of The Federation, Romulan and Klingon’s meet.

Based out of Starbase Versailles, The Fifth Fleet’s area of operation encompasses most of the Beta Quadrant, and extends out passed the Romulan/Klingon Neutral Zone Corridor, into unexplored territory.

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I look forward to seeing you out there!

Admiral Abraham Vice
– Commander, Fifth Fleet

The Hub of The Fleet, Starbase Versailles sits at a pivotol point within the Beta Quadrant – at the nexus or near nexus of the three major powers: the Federation, the Romulan Empire and the Klingon Empire.

As such, the station is a hub of activity both politically and economically. Additionally, the federation border defense network is housed out of Versailles and with forces stretched thin after recent conflicts, the border defense network has been reinforced with crew from the Imperial Xeno Legion and is comprised of individuals from major and minor worlds of all 4 quadrants.

Versailles is also responsible for oversight of the Federation colony on YaDalla – a planet that has seen its fair share of strife.


You’ve had a look around, perhaps talked to a few of the officers, and decided that this is the Sim Group that you want to be with? This is the option for you. Here you will be able to choose which simulation you want to join, as well as entering information about your character’s basic attributes.

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