The Fifth 'Echo' Fleet (Fifth) is a Star Trek Roleplaying Organisation founded by members of Starbase Versailles and USS Alexandra Timmis following a spin off from UCIP, which it’s self founded by Fleet Admiral Mark Miller.

The Fleet CO, reporting to the Fleet Council, is responsible for overseeing the daily operations of Fifth. Our main goal here at The Fifth Fleet has always been a simple one - to provide Star Trek and Science Fiction fans and enthusiasts alike with realistic Star Trek Simulations for them to participate in, but more importantly, to make sure they are fun and entertaining.

This goal of providing entertaining simulations is achieved primarily via collaborative writing and story telling via Email, Play by Post (Nova) and increasingly, in real time, on our Discord server (which has replaced IRC as the primary chat medium). While the discord method allows for live interaction between other officers in real time, email and play by post involves writing story-like "Logs" which are sent too all the crew of the ship/starbase/etc.. Whilst it may lack the live interaction of Discord, it allows for greater character development and creative writing.

The Fifth Fleet Area of Operations


The Fleet Council

The Fleet Council comprises the command teams from all of The Fifth Fleet simulations.  They are effectively the legislature of the Fleet, proposing rules, enforcing said rules and holding the Chair to account.

Starfleet Academy, San Francisco

The Starfleet Academy, is the primary training facility for Starfleet personnel. The Academy at San Francisco, is where all Starfleet Officer Cadets complete their Initial Training Course (Basic SimGuide), before taking up their dissertation assignments, elsewhere in the Fleet.


Library Computer Access & Retrieval System

The LCARS is the primary databank of The Fifth Fleet.  As we add more information to it, it will provide a wider understanding of the The Fifth Fleet’s Universe.  Verified data contained in the LCARS is consider Fleet Canon.

Diplomatic Corp

The Diplomatic Corp, works to establish affiliations and collaborations with other RPG Groups across the internet. The 5th Fleet Ambassador is assigned on a case by case basis.  If you’d be interested in forming an affiliation with us, please contact us using the contact us page.