Proposal – Logging Guidelines – Updated 20/04

Greetings members of the fleet.

Since we formed the number of logs seen has gradually declined. While we are a casual group and I do want us to remain that way the time has come to establish a base line of what is expected from all members.

Below is the proposed logging guide lines feel free to comment with suggestions.

Commands teams 1 duty log per week
Members 1 Duty Log a month

For Command team members if no logs in a 1 month period without informing the council of a LOA will result in being placed on Probation if no improvement is seen then Command of the sim will be opened to applications.

For Senior and general members if no logs in a 2 month period without informing your sim command team will result in being placed on probation if no improvement is seen then you risk being removed from the sim.


  1. I feel this is a very aggressive target for the members, especially given the low recruitment rate. I suggest 1 a week for command staff, and 1 per month for all non-command staff. Warnings after 2 consecutive no-show periods, with a council discussion after 3.

    Pragmatically, we can discuss tightening the restrictions after we’ve had a good, long talk about advertising, and consequently brought in a bunch of new talent.

    – Sails

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