Uss Endurance Sim Report SD24189.19

=/\= Welcome =/\=

Welcome crew of the Endurance. Logging has begun as we start our journey.
It been slow this last week I know and for that I do apologise RL has just got in the way this week
I will endeavour to get a log out in the next couple of days to progress us forwards.

=/\= Plot Summary =/\=

The CO has been conducting interviews with his new senior staff in an effort to get to know more about the men and women under his command. After completing these he met up with an old friend and went for a drink and a catch up.

The CMO met with one of her Assistants and after getting to know each other a bit they started getting ready for all the routine medicals they would be seeing over the coming days.

=/\= Log Count =/\=

Captain Jake Wilkinson – Commanding Officer 4
Commander Crystal Verrill – Executive Officer 1
Commander Matthew Desmond – Second Officer 0

Security & Tactical
Lieutenant Alex Sexton – Chief Security/Tactical Officer 0

Lieutenant Commander Richelle Soranson – Chief Engineering Officer 1

Lieutenant Illian Sit – Chief Science Officer 0

Medical & Counseling
Lieutenant Hetara – Chief Medical Officer 2
Ensign Eska MD – Medical Officer 1