Name: USS Alexandra Timmis
Registry: NCC-74981
Assigned Division THE 5TH FLEET (ECHO FLEET)
Status: Active
Command Crew:
Commanding Officer - Captain John Pentac
Executive Officer - Commander Timber Wolf

Commissioned on Stardate 240907.25, the USS Allexandra Timmis was placed into immediate action. It was instrumental during the Battle of Sol, and was soon able to begin her mission of exploration and peacekeeping. She became a home to many, and she and her crew evolved. Now under the command of Captain John Pentac the Timmis continues her ongoing search for new life, new civilizations, and new hopes for the future. The Timmis is a Star Trek role-playing simulation based in the 25th Century. This is collaborative story-telling in the shared Star Trek Universe. We invite you to read our stories and come along for the ride. Click the "join" button on the right to become a part of the Timmis's journey.