Name: USS Eclipse
Registry: NCC 79005
Assigned Division THE 5TH FLEET (ECHO FLEET)
Status: Active
Command Crew:
Commanding Officer - Captain John Wolfe
Executive Officer - Commander Mitsu Sato

Welcome to the USS Eclipse, a newly built Sovereign class starship assigned to Starfleet's 5th Fleet and tasked with exploring deep space beyond the Federation's borders. Under the command of Captain John Wolfe and Commander Mitsu Sato, the Eclipse and her crew operate far from the safety of home, facing the untamed dangers and challenges of exploring deep space every day as they continue to boldly go where none have gone before. The USS Eclipse is a Star Trek Simulation, a role playing adventure based in the 25th century Star Trek universe where each person tells their characters story through their posts. We encourage you to read our posts found below and hope you enjoy our adventures, and we further encourage you, if you have ever considered writing as a hobby or profession to join us as we press ever onward and boldy go where no one has gone before.