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— Federation News Network.

Following a the resigning of the Khitomer Accords, at Starbase Versailles today, the Commander in Chief of Starfleet, Admiral Abraham Vance and his Klingon Defense Force counterpart, General Mo’ron announced the reconstituted of the Independent Xeno Legion, a joint Starfleet/KDF Task Force from the days of the Confederation.

The IXL will be deployed to spear head the renewed exploration efforts in the Delta Quadrant, as the Barsan Wormhole has now been anchored by scientists at the Trill Institute of Astrophysics.

Commenting on the move, the Admiral said,

“This is a landmark moment in Federation-Klingon relations, as we set aside the increasing tensions of the last decade and focus on working together to better both of our peoples.”

— More Information to Follow. End Transmission.